We provide design, manufacturing, and import services for the seasonal retail and display industries.

Our mission is to offer a high quality product with strong sales features that result in the highest possible margins for the retailer. This is achieved by creating high end specially designed trees, many that already have strong retail sales histories over multiple seasons, as part of a complete program available only to certain limited retailers.

Single Source Responsibility

Services include custom product design & development, quality assurance & inspection, and door-to-door import services.

Superior Quality

Highest quality manufacturing methods and materials are used combined with the most reliable incandescent and LED light sets available. Multiple quality assurance inspections throughout the manufacturing process.

Private Label Programs

We offer full private label service with custom product designs, retailer carton logos, owner’s manual, and warranty.

Warranty & Service Programs

Replacement parts for service/warranty included with every program at no cost. In-store retailer sales and service training

Custom Design

Customer designs are welcome! Exclusive designs and features for higher retailer margins. Custom multi-function color change LED light strings.

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